Naturally effective innovation

Valy, innovative beauty products that save you time


We live in a society where innovation has become democratized and is available to everyone to make our lives easier and more convenient.

Today we can buy online at Amazon, catch an Uber, book through Booking and access hundreds of pages of content on platforms such as Netflix. And the world of beauty and aesthetic care was a natural part of this trend. That is why the Valy brand wishes to democratize the use of and access to the latest technological advances, to make them into innovative solutions for everyone. Which adapt to your life instead of the other way round.


Our lifestyle has changed and values such as authenticity, naturalness and sincerity are here to stay. Naturalness is increasingly a requirement for the products we use. Organic foods, natural tissues, detox treatments …

And of course, beauty and personal care products with natural active principles. Being aware of this, we at Valy, thanks to our research, incorporate natural ingredients into our products which provide countless benefits for our organism.


We are the most demanding generation in history. We are critical and do not want products that promise us miracles. We want tested and proven facts.

And when something really works we share it, we talk about it and we recommend it. In Valy we share that degree of demand. Our solutions are tested and proved in independent laboratories. Natural ingredients are tested as are the results of the technology we apply. It’s that easy. And that transparent.

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