Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for women?

No, it is a product for adults of both sexes.


How many patches can I use at the same time?

Give the concentration of active ingredients we recommend using only 2 patches a day.


Can I place them wherever I like?

Yes. In the area which you wish to treat, provided you rotate the application point.


Can I bathe or shower with the patch on?

Yes, no problem. The currents used by the patch will not stop working or give you any shock.


In addition to the patch I like to use an anti-cellulite/moisturizing/firming cream. Is that a problem?

It should not be used with other anti-cellulite treatments or with other products that contain iodine.

In the case of moisturizing cream, just bear in mind not to apply it in the area where you place your Ion Patch Reducer, since this will prevent it from sticking properly.


If I use the patch, do I have to diet or exercise?

The patch will help you achieve the goals to so away with cellulite. But, as you know, cellulite is genetic and today there is nothing which does away with it for good; it is always ready to make its appearance in the area we least want it. So a balanced diet and exercise are basic in any fat reduction and anti-cellulite plan.


Can anyone use it?

Ion Patch Reducer is intended for use by people who have no health issues such as diabetes, kidney or thyroid problems, high blood pressure or other disease. But if you are taking a medication continuously it is always better to consult your doctor.