We use the innovative iontophoresis technology, a non-invasive electrotherapy technique that allows the ingredients to be applied to the skin using a continuous electric current. This maximizes the penetration of the natural active ingredients and allows them to act both in the epidermis and in the deeper skin layers.



** Clinical study, % of women who noticed an improvement after 56 days of application




Evaluation by clinical trials of the efficacy and tolerance of a cosmetic product which helps reduce skin imperfections due to cellulite and localized fat deposits.

The effectiveness tests of ION PATCH REDUCER were carried out at the independent centre Bio Basic Europe, Protocol No. 1802D12FC.




The ABICH CLINICAL STUDY Laboratories are certified and accredited for the performance of studies of absorption of ingredients.

ION PATCH REDUCER absorption tests were carried out at the ABICH CLINICAL STUDY Laboratory under protocol No. REL/1956/2015/ASS/ST.